Shopping Cart Washing pressure washing service

Expert Techs Ensure that only quality carts remain in your cart corrals.

Professionally Trained technicians make sure that only properly working and sanitized carts return to your cart corrals. Most cart repair companies rely on the stores employees to collect the carts in need of repair. Our Techs are trained to accurately find any performance flaws a cart may have, ensuring only carts needing repairs are sorted out and staged for your respectable repair companies. This means more of your carts get repaired, while minimizing the amount of time your repair techs must spend at your store.

We Eliminate the bacteria that grows on all shopping carts.

Researchers from the University of Arizona swabbed just the handles on shopping carts in four states looking for bacterial contamination. Out of only 85 carts tested, 72% ended up testing positive with markers for fecal matter and nearly half had traces of the E.Coli Bacteria. Our washing process eliminates over 85% of the harmful bacteria that your customers would normally come in contact with from your carts.

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

We Guarantee you will be satisfied with our work or we will return for free and won't quit until you're completely satisfied. Our techs typically service stores at its  slowest hours of operation or after closing provided its an option, to assure our techs don't impede your customer traffic, as well as reducing the amount of carts  unserviceable due to being in a customer's possession.